Why black geeks?

I have attended DragonCon for a few years now and one question I get asked a lot from friends and family “Are there any other black people there?” There have also been stories about a lack of diversity at conventions and science fiction in general. This is just one way of showing that there is diversity at DragonCon. It’s also a great way for other African-Americans to prove to others that they aren’t the only ones here.

Why is it just black geeks?

Honestly, this is my first time trying something like this so I want to start small. If this catches on and becomes a thing I would be open to creating a Minority Geeks of DragonCon. I am not trying to be the official diversity officer of DragonCon so I don’t want to overstep my bounds. Right now I am just trying to stay in my lane.

Isn’t having a group just for African-Americans racist?

I didn’t start this to create an “us versus them” situation. I can promise you that starting a race war is not on my to do list. This is just a subset of convention goers getting together to take a photo. It’s not a protest. It’s not about putting any other race down. It about showing that there is some diversity there. If you think about it, it actually helps the convention.

What made you do this?

I am not a professional photographer but I love taking pictures while I am there. I put together my first Black Geeks of Dragon gallery to show to some coworkers. It was meant to be more funny than anything else. It was my humorous way of saying “Here’s proof that I wasn’t the only one there.” They were well received so I continued to do it. It was never anything official and I never targeted any specific group. I’d walk around taking a bunch of people regardless of race, creed or color. At the end when I uploaded them, I would create a second gallery just for photos of any black geeks I came across.

Is it just for black characters (Luke Cage, Black Panther, Storm etc.)

No, this is more about the people under that costume than the characters. If you want come as Green Arrow, Batman, Tony Stark, Rogue or any other non-minority character that’s fine. Just please don’t do white face.

Any rules we need to know about?

  • Don’t judge
  • Let some $hit go
  • Don’t act a fool
Cosplayer dressed as the Joker at DragonCon 2014