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Guests of Color at DragonCon 2018

I’m putting together a list of DragonCon 2018 guests who will add a little color to the festivities.

I’m putting together a list of DragonCon 2018 guests who will add a little color to the festivities*. We will be updating in the coming weeks. You can find out more about them on their official guest, performer, and attending professional pages.

*This is obviously not a complete list but I wanted to showcase some of the diversity at the convention. I will add new names as I find out about them. 

Ernie Hudson riding in the 2013 DragonCon parade

Ernie Hudson at DragonCon 2013.

Christine Adams

Frankie Adams

Shohreh Aghdashloo

Jyoti Amge

DJ Amigo

Dino Andrade

Kristen Bailey

Tony A Ballard-Smoot

Demore Barnes

Rodney Barnes

Steven Barnes

Joe Benitez

Anjali Bhimani

Christopher Bivins

Qualen Bradley

Chuck Brown

Raychelle Burks

Michael Cho

Amy Chu

K.C. Collins

Mike Colter

Nesta Cooper

Natalia Cordova-Buckley

Charlet Chung

Fon Davis

Walter Dean

Ron Glass on a panel at DragonCon 2009.

The late Ron Glass was a guest at DragonCon 2009.

Emilio Delgado

Barr Foxx Cosplay

Ghost Brothers

Sanford Green

Kishore Hari

Shareef K Jackson

Jemely and Jeremy Jayme

Georges Jeanty

Marvin “Krondon” Jones III

John Kim

Dichen Lachman

Dr. LAW’s Photolab

Leighann Lord

Pearl Mackie

China Anne McClain

Caleb McLaughlin

Mikal Mosley

Sho Murase

Jai Nitz

Roscoe Orman

Attending professionals at DragonCon

Attending professions at DragonCon 2018 (from left): Leigh Willis, Walter Dean, Royalty Cosplay and Barr Fox Cosplay.
Photo courtesy of Barr Foxx Cosplay.

Mog Park

Afua Richardson

Royalty Cosplay

Symphony Sanders

HaiNaNu “Nooligan” Saulque

Myra Su

Mark Texeira

Dominique Tipper

Gina Torres

Christopher Uminga

Dexter Vines

Garrett Wang

Ricky Whittle

Marcus Williams

Nafessa Williams

Benedict Wong